This has got to be one of the most amazing products I have ever used! 

Dogs can pick up mites anywhere from grass while out walking so easily.   Mites are dropped by foxes and are the cause of great distress in infected Dogs.

Mites will drive your Dog mad with itching and scratching so intensely that the skin can become very sore and bleed.  Mites will make your dog's life a complete misery and can so easily be avoided.  

Potentially, it could cost you hundreds of pounds at the vets to rid your dog of these horrible parasites.  Well no more!  Thornit is an old, proven formula that will give your dog instant relief and a cure for mites within just a few days.

Not only will Thornit cure your dog and PREVENT REINFESTATION, it will save you unecessary vets visits, saving you money and as long as you don't get it wet, it never goes out of date.  

Thornit is supplied in 20g bottles but only a pinch is required to keep mites at bay so this little bottle will last and last.  A regular dusting with thornit will mean your dog will never have to deal with the discomfort of mites. 

Thornit deserves to have a whole page of its own on the Nuts about Mutts website. An absolute MUST HAVE for EVERY dog owner!

Read more about this amazing product by clicking on the thornit listing below and buy yours now!

For Trade Enquiries and bulk buy, please contact me for prices on 07701097071. 

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THORNIT - Canker Ear Mite Powder


The Proven Formula That Kills and Prevents Ear Mites


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