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I know just how difficult it can be to keep on top of a dog's coat that tangles and matts easily.  It can become a real strain on both you and your pet when tackling these horrible matts and knots.  


I am here to try and help you get through this essential job with the minimum of stress to both you and your beloved pet.


These Matt Master is ideal for removing knots and tangles on dogs with medium - long coats.


One of my favourite de-matting tools.  Works perfectly on my Mini Schnauzers' thick leg hair.  Great for de-matting the leg hair and removing some of the downy, fluffy undercoat.


MATT MASTER - Fine/Medium textured coats - 1.5 inch head


Specially designed, Heat Treated, Stainless Steel, Serrated Blades means you can work through matts and tangles in long coats with the minimum of hair loss, leaving your dog's coat knot free, looking great and with minimum damage.


This de-matting tool has long teeth with a hook effect and have rounded ends for safety.




  • Make sure you are working on a Clean Coat.  A dirty coat will blunt your tools and scissors and be much more difficult and uncomfortable for your pet.
  • Locate where the matts have formed and postition the Matt Master at the base of the knotted area.  
  • Hold the area at the base of the coat down firmly with your thumb to prevent painfull pulling on the skin as I am doing in the picture below.
  • Work the Matt Master in short strokes in the direction of the coat, gently working through the knots. Use a gentle sawing action for stubburn tangles.
  • Repeat in the same area until the knots are removed. 
  • You can then finish the process by combing through with one of the combs available in my grooming products to perfectly finish your matt free pet. 


master_2_x_300   master_1_x_300


Should your pet have a tendancy to get larger clumped matts very quickly, then I highly recommend using the Matt Splitter as a starting point to tackle the really large knots and matts.  


The Matt Splitter can be found in the Grooming category under the Knots and Matts section. This great little tool will split the larger matts first, enabling you to then remove the rest of the knots with the Matt Master.   Have a look at the listing for the Matt Splitter to read exactly how it can help you.


It may be well worth while investing in two different types of de-matting tool, one to break the really large matts and another to remove the smaller ones and maintain the coat on a regular basis. 


After all, you will have your pet for a long time, so why not make the job much easier for you both. 


NOT SURE WHICH DE-MATTING TOOLS TO BUY!  Have a look at my HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS PAGE to see a step by step guide on how I groom out knots, matts and tangles.




For particularly knotty coats, always press down firmly on the skin at the base of the hair whilst combing that area.  This will reduce the pull on your dog's skin and combing will be a lot more comfortable.


Never pull hard when removing matts as this will be painful to your pet.  Always take great care with any of the de-matting tools as they are sharp.


Grooming is essential to maintain the health and wellbeing of your dog.  It is also a great way to bond with your pet so we would all like it to be a more pleasureable experience, especially for your dog.


Little and often is the key to keeping your dog knot free.


Just a few minutes each day is all it takes to keep your pet's coat looking shiney and healthy.


Don't forget to view my other selection of de-matting tools available, all TRIED, TESTED AND REGULARLY USED by me!






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